Stainless steel mailboxes Belgium

Galaxy Mailboxes is a company specialized in the manufacture of stainless steel mailboxes.

Active everywhere, our company offers a large choice of mailboxes and accessories including several models, several sizes, and various designs. Our stainless steel mailboxes resist to rust and pollution, and offer a high resistance to mechanical and chemical agressions.

Rich of 15 years of expertise, we manufacture products that meet an amazing level of quality using the highest grade raw materials like stainless steel AISI 316 norm, with a refined design.

Our main objective is to conceive each stainless steel mailbox with a perfect finish, adapted to each style of house or building. Our letterboxes are postal norms compliant.

Galaxy Mailboxes is also manufacturing and selling various accessories like house numbers, door knockers, letter plates, door bell buttons... mainly in stainless steel, but also in lacquered finish...

Contact-us to receive more information, and enjoy your own Galaxy Mailboxes design accessories.