General Sales Conditions


The present conditions are concluded between, on one hand, the anonymous company of Belgian law GALAXY-tech s.a. included in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises in Belgium under the number 0437.659.347 and whose headquarters is established Avenue Eugène Philippe 4 at1473 Glabais, exploiting the commercial name "Galaxy-mailboxes", hereinafter "GALAXY-mailboxes" and, on the other hand, persons wishing to make a purchase from GALAXY-mailboxes (online purchase via the website hereinafter referred to as "the user". They are to take into account jointly with our charter of respect for private life.

Identification social reason: GALAXY-tech s.a.

Registration to the ECB from Belgium: 0437659347

VAT: BE 0437.659.347

internet Site:


General Information

The parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by the present contract, to the exclusion of all other general conditions (prior). If a condition was to make fault, it would be considered to be governed by the practices in force in the sector of distance selling which the companies have their headquarters in Belgium. The non-application of one or several provisions of these conditions can never be regarded by the user as a waiver to these conditions. The present conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between GALAXY-mailboxes and the user, the command out to the services, passing by the payment and delivery. They regulate all the steps necessary to the placing of the order and shall ensure the monitoring of this command between the contracting parties. Any user of the site not an account holder of identification (login) of customer will follow a registration procedure enabling him to obtain, by the suite, his name and identification code of client. In all cases, the final validation of the order implies the acceptance of the latter, in its entirety and at the price indicated, by the user. This validation is worth signing and express acceptance of all operations performed on the site. To be taken into account, a command and the payment of the latter must be carried out by a major person.


The services offered by Galaxy-mailboxes on its website, namely the sale of products, will be hereinafter referred to as the "services of GALAXY-mailboxes", each person wishing to benefit from the services of GALAXY-mailboxes and having satisfied the general conditions of sale will be hereinafter called a "customer", each command performed by a client in the conditions laid down will be hereinafter called "command".

Registration of personal data

Any physical or legal person, who is registered during a visit of the Internet site "" as contracting party potential of GALAXY-mailboxes communicates by his recording his personal data to GALAXY-mailboxes.
The registration involves the explicit consent that its identification data may be processed in the data file of GALAXY-mailboxes. Only the legal or physical persons possessing the full capacity of right and to act can register. During the registration process, the physical or legal person chosen an identifier name and a password that are valid by GALAXY-mailboxes and such information is confirmed by the sending of an email summary to the customer. The customer is responsible for the confidentiality, security and the use itself of its username and password. Any use of the id and password of a certain client is assumed to have been done by this client. GALAXY-mailboxes will make impossible the use of the id and password of temporarily or permanently, if it appears that the client ignores one or more provisions of these general conditions. The person responsible for the processing of personal data of the customer is GALAXY-mailboxes. To contact the responsible: . The processing of personal data in the data file of GALAXY-mailboxes has place in view of the administration of the clientele, for the management of orders, deliveries, billing for services material and immaterial, the monitoring of solvency, and of the advertising by means of the profile, the custom processing and marketing.

Protection of privacy

in principle, access to the information available on or through the site is carried out without having to provide personal data, such as name, postal address, e-mail address ... Exceptionally, in order to obtain additional services (request for information, booking, space member, subscription to a newsletter etc. ) it is possible that personal information, mainly of the coordinates, are requested to the user. In this case, the user is warned beforehand, and the data is processed in accordance with the provisions of directive 2002/58/EC concerning the processing of personal data. In concrete terms, this means in particular that your personal data will be collected and processed only in accordance with the objectives outlined during their collection. You have at any time of the right of access and rectification to these data, as well as the right of opposition, in order to verify their accuracy and to correct any errors concerning them. To do this, send an e-mail to info@galaxy-mailboxes specifying well your complete contact information. When the access to the site by the user or the client, servers consulted automatically collect information concerning the navigation that can be used for statistical purposes:
the IP address that is assigned to you when your connection;

The date and time of access to the site;
the pages visited;
the type of browser (browser) used;
the platform and/or the operating system installed on the PC;
the search engine as well as the keywords used to find the site.
These information are only kept for the sole purpose of measuring the number of visitors in the different sections of the site and to make improvements. In order to facilitate the navigation of the site, as well as to optimize the technical management, GALAXY-mailboxes may occasionally be induced to use "cookies". A "cookie" is a small piece of information stored by a web site within the Internet browser on the computer of the user or the customer. This "cookie" can be recovered during a subsequent visit on this same site. The "cookie" cannot be read by a web site other than the one that created it. The site uses "cookies" for administrative purposes for, for example, save the preferences for certain types of information, which saves you having to repeat the same keyboard-entered during each visit to the site. Most of the "cookies" do not work that the time of a session or visit. None of them contains information making the user or the customer likely to be contacted by phone, e-mail, or postal mail. It is also possible to configure your browser to inform you when each creation of "cookie" or to prevent their registration.


all information relating to the products, as well as the prices are listed on the information sheet corresponding to each product. The selling price of each product presented on the site of GALAXY-mailboxes is expressed in euro. It is a price which includes the VAT (when it is applicable), excluding any costs of delivery and of additional warranty. The price that the customer pay during his purchase, called below total price, is also explicitly indicated as such in the procurement of the command itself. All offers of the seller, including indications of price, the brochures, the prospectus and the price lists are without commitment and can, without having to comply with the lesser formality, be revoked by the seller, even after acceptance of this offer by the customer. This possible revocation of the offer by the seller will have to be held within 2 (two) business days. The offer is then submitted to a new acceptance by the user/customer. For any question regarding the modalities of price, it is enough for the client to send a mail to .

Packaging and insurance

purchases by the client are packed with the utmost care, using protective materials. The attention that we pay to the packaging allows us to propose a delivery in the best conditions. The products shipped are insured free of charge against the deterioration and theft throughout the duration of the transport. The client must therefore ensure the integrity of its command and all the articles which make up to the receipt of the package and in the presence of the person who performed the delivery in order to express a reservation if necessary. In the hypothesis or the client would have any doubt of the condition or the content of the command, it is obliged to refuse the goods to the reception of the latter. Any rejected product will be handed over to the carrier as a whole and in its original packaging. In case of absence, a notice of passage is deposited in the mailbox of the client. A second passage will be performed without charge. If by misfortune, the second attempt fails, the client then has a period of 7 calendar days to remove his parcel to the regional post office. After 15 days, the package will return the deposit of GALAXY-mailboxes, and the costs of the new consignment will be at the expense of the customer. Despite the computer tracking of our shipments, it may very exceptionally that a package is misplaced. In this case, we invite the customer to take contact with our customer service . The following cases of force majeure including release GALAXY-mailboxes of its delivery obligation: war, revolt, fire, strikes, accidents and inability to be stocked itself by the suppliers or the normal carriers. In the following cases including, GALAXY-mailboxes may provisionally suspend the delivery: disruptions of the internal network, disruption in terms of telephony, disturbances in terms of access (problematic) to the Internet and similar. The execution of the contract is then suspended until it is remedied at trouble and/or that access to the Internet be restored without that the client can invoke the dissolution of the contract and/or damages. For any question relating to the delivery, the customer can send an e-mail to .


The order is placed by the customer to GALAXY-mailboxes through the Internet site. The command cannot be registered on the site that if the user is clearly identified by the entry of his name and password customer who him is strictly personal. Any command is worth acceptance of prices and descriptions of products available for sale. (See the paragraph price in the general conditions of sale). In passing an order online, the customer explicitly reported to want to conclude a contract of sale with GALAXY-mailboxes and be in agreement with the present general conditions. The client is informed of this order confirmation by e-mail, called below e-mail confirmation, which summarizes the terms of the order. GALAXY-mailboxes is committed to honoring the orders received on the internet site only within the limit of available stocks of products. A default of product availability, GALAXY-mailboxes undertakes to inform the more quickly the client. The contract of sale between GALAXY-mailboxes, on the one hand, and the client, on the other hand, arises therefore at the time of the acceptance of the order by GALAXY-mailboxes. For any question regarding the modalities of command, it is enough for the client to send a mail to .


In order to process the commands in the shortest possible time and to offer the best service, GALAXY-mailboxes prompts the customer to pay the purchase price at the time of the order. In case of waiver of the command (see the paragraph RIGHT OF WAIVER in the general conditions of sales of sale), GALAXY-mailboxes is obliged to reimburse the sums paid by the client, without compensation. Transportation charges for the return of the package being charged to the client (see the paragraph RIGHT OF WAIVER in the general sales conditions of sale). The purchase price is paid when the command via the PayPal servers and HiPay which GALAXY-mailboxes made call for that customer bank details are encrypted and then transmitted in a secure manner: either

by the indication of the type of payment card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard), the number of the payment card, its expiry date and of its possible visual cryptogram by the explicit order flow of the account of the holder of the card for payment;

either by Home Banking (ING Home'Pay, Dexia NetBanking and Dexia Direct Net, KBC Online and CBC Online).

Either by Bancontact/Mistercash for customers of banks FORTIS, DEXIA, ING and VDK Spaarbank.

Either by bank transfer / bank transfer national or international with any type of PC account or Home Banking (Dexia, Ing, CBC/ KBC, Fortis, Axa, The Post, Rabobank, international accounts etc. )

authorization: the money is reserved-blocked on the customer account, waiting to be transferred to the account of the merchant in a second step (data capture) is to be released when the authorization is canceled. NB: The payment in deferred and the authorization followed by "data capture" are possible only for payments by credit card. For any question concerning the modalities of payment, the customer simply send a mail to .

Guarantees and after-sales service

the articles sold benefit from the legal warranty of 2 years, as described in the Belgian law of 1 September 2004, law on the protection of consumers in the event of the sale of consumer goods. In the case of a command exchanged, the costs of sending of the item(s) are to be borne by the customer. However if the guarantee of conformity is applicable to the product(s) returned(s), all the expenses related to this return will be reimbursed to the customer. Whatever the problem concerning article delivered to the customer, it is essential to attach to the defective article a copy of the invoice. Attention, the warranty does not apply to the repair of damage resulting from an external cause for the article (for example, accident, shock, drop, lightning, etc. ) or of a fault of the Customer arising from, for example a job or an installation does not conform to the specifications of the manufacturer, a use detrimental to the proper conservation of the article, of the use of devices, accessories or supplies unsuitable .... In case of non-conforming products to information given during the presentation of the products on the site or introducing hidden defects, they will be replaced or reimbursed on the basis of the availability of similar products and the willingness of the client. The articles with a warranty will not be included that accompanied by the invoice. If the product cannot be replaced, otherwise stock, the customer will receive a gift voucher to the value of the purchase price to argue on the shop GALAXY-mailboxes. Are also excluded from warranty products modified, repaired, integrated or added by the client or any other unauthorized person by GALAXY-mailboxes. The warranty does not play for the apparent defects. The warranty will not support the products damaged during a bad use. Any return must be authorized in advance by GALAXY-mailboxes.The customer must submit its application to .


The anonymous society of Belgian law GALAXY-tech s.a. , under the commercial sign GALAXY-mailboxes, has, for all stages of access to the site, the control process, the delivery or services post, that an obligation of means. The responsibility of GALAXY-mailboxes cannot be committed for all the inconveniences or damages inherent in the use of the Internet network, including a break in service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or any fact qualified of force majeure, in accordance with the jurisprudence. GALAXY-mailboxes will not be liable for damages of any nature, both material and immaterial or corporal, which could result from a malfunction or for the bad use of the marketed products. The same is true for the possible changes of the products resulting from the client or any other unauthorized person by GALAXY-mailboxes . The responsibility of GALAXY-mailboxes will be, in any event, limited to the amount of the order and will not be put under question for simple errors or omissions which would have been able to survive despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. GALAXY-mailboxes cannot be held responsible to a client or a third party, of any indirect harm, of any operating loss, of profit or turnover, occurring in any manner whatsoever. Without limiting the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility of GALAXY-mailboxes under the terms of these general conditions may not exceed a sum equal to the sums paid or payable during the transaction to the origin of the said liability, regardless of the cause or the form of the action concerned. GALAXY-mailboxes cannot be held responsible for the breach of the contract concluded in the case of rupture of stock or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disruption or strike total or partial including postal services and means of transport and/or communications, flooding, fire. GALAXY-mailboxes undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided by customers on the site. These are confidential. They will only be used by its internal services that for the processing of the command of the client, and that to strengthen and customize the communication including by the letters or emails of information as well as in the framework of the customization of the site according to the preferences found users. GALAXY-mailboxes can provide consolidated statistics relating to its customers, its sales, structures of trade and relating to information on the site to the trusted third parties, but these statistics will not contain any personal data. GALAXY-mailboxes does not sell, do not market, and does not rent to third parties the information about its customers.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

the use of the site is subject to compliance with the general conditions described above. By accessing this site, the user or the client declares that he is aware and have accepted, without the slightest reservation, these general conditions of use. The hypertext links present on the portal site for GALAXY-mailboxes and misdirecting the user to other Internet sites do not commit the responsibility of GALAXY-mailboxes for the content of these sites. The customer will comply with their conditions of use. The texts, page layouts, illustrations, and other elements of the site are protected by copyright, or, with regard to databases by a specific law. All these elements constitute the property of GALAXY-mailboxes or, if applicable, a third party from which GALAXY-mailboxes has obtained the necessary permissions. Unless otherwise stipulated, the textual information encrypted or contained on the site may be used for free but subject to acknowledgment of the source and only for a use which is neither commercial nor advertising. By contrast, any reproduction for commercial or advertising of these information, as well as all forms of use and reproduction of other constituent elements of the site, such as the line graph, the images, the sounds or the computer applications, are strictly prohibited without prior authorization. Any request in this sense must be addressed to the directorate of GALAXY-mailboxes by email to . GALAXY-mailboxes authorized the establishment without prior request of links in surface (surface linking) that return to the home page of the portal site or to any other page in its entirety. By contrast, the use of all techniques aimed to include all or part of the portal site in an Internet site in hiding would it only partially the exact origin of the information or that can lead to confusion on the origin of the information, such as the framing or the in-lining, requires the written permission of GALAXY-mailboxes. Any request in this sense must be addressed to the directorate of GALAXY-mailboxes by email to . Do not pass information to unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane, or any other information that might lead to a civil or criminal liability, according to the law of the Territory to which this Site relates.

In the hypothesis or one of the clauses of this contract would be null and void by a change in legislation, regulation or by a decision of justice, it should in no case affect the validity and respect of these general conditions of sale. The present conditions shall apply for the duration of development in line with the services offered by Galaxy-mailboxes. The computerized records, kept in the computer systems of the company GALAXY-mailboxes and its partners in conditions of reasonable safety, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. The items sold by GALAXY-mailboxes are conforming to the description and presentation data in the catalog. Despite all our precautions, mistakes were made in this catalog. In any case we could not be committed to this fact. The archiving of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable support in such a way as to keep to a faithful copy and lasting documents. These terms are subject to Belgian law. In case of dispute, the customer will be directed by priority to GALAXY-mailboxes to obtain an amicable solution. A default, only the courts of the judicial district of Nivelles are competent, a few are the places of delivery and the methods of payment accepted.